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Pair tradehistory.png

  • Shows if there are partial trades, press Partial plus.png to unfold all partial trades

Date (P/L period)


  • Shows the trade type (buy / sell)


  • Shows the trade price at which a coin was bought or sold


  • Shows the trade total (price * amount)


  • Shows the trade amount of coins bought or sold


  • Shows the trade fee cost and currency paid to the exchange


  • Shows if there is a profit made
    • Profit will only show on sales
    • Profit shown depends on the amounts of the corresponding buy and sell trades


  • Check the box and press Exclude save.png to exclude trades from profit / loss calculation
    • Hold shift while clicking to check all trades


Pair excluded.png
The excluded screen works the same as the overview screen.

  • Uncheck the box and press Exclude save.png to include trades back into profit / loss calculation


Pair tradehistory options.png
The aggregation delta option will set the time in minutes. Trades are aggregated when the type (buy / sell) is the same and the date difference between individual trades is smaller than or equal to set time. The "Profit / Loss calculation" button will take you to the profit / loss calculation screen. Pressing "Reset trades" will immediately reset the trade history for the selected pair, this cannot be undone. After you reset the trade history it will be automaticly retrieved again. (Depending on exchange the timeframe of trades that are retrieved may differ)

Calcul des profits / pertes

Pair profitloss.png
Period #

  • Enter a number of units for each period
    • The number of periods can be used to show different time windows for the profit / loss calculation
    • The periods determine the date from where the profit / loss calculation will start

The checkboxes are self explanatory, the table on the right shows an example of what will happen should you check / uncheck the boxes.
The dropdown enables you to select shown percentage as profit / loss compared to buy order(s), exchange balance or total balance.