Files and Directories

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Initial installation

This is the state of files and directories after unzipping Zeno GUI and Gunbot, before starting anything.
Use the following examples to verify your installation files.

Windows Linux MacOS
Install fresh windows.png Install fresh linux.png Install fresh macos.png

Completed installation

This is the state of files and directories after fully installing Zeno GUI and Gunbot.

Windows Linux MacOS
Install completed windows.png Install completed linux.png Install completed macos.png


File Description
config.js Gunbot main configuration file
db.sqlite Gunbot SQLite database

gunthy-linx64 gunthy-macos

Gunbot for Windows

Gunbot for Linux Gunbot for MacOS


gunthy-gui-linx64 gunthy-gui-macos

Gunbot GUI for Windows

Gunbot GUI for Linux Gunbot GUI for MacOS

gunthy-log Gunbot log file
zeno.conf Zeno GUI main configuration file
zeno-bots.conf Zeno GUI pair configuration file
zeno-db.sqlite Zeno GUI SQLite database

zeno-gui-linux-x64 zeno-gui-macos-x64

Zeno GUI for Windows

Zeno GUI for Linux Zeno GUI for MacOS


Directory Description
/InstallDir Directory for Zeno GUI and Gunbot
/InstallDir/certs Directory for OpenSSL certificates
/InstallDir/configs Directory for Gunbot configurations generated by Zeno GUI
/InstallDir/gui Directory for the front-end of Zeno GUI (i.e. JS, HTML and CSS files)
/InstallDir/node_modules Directory for Gunbot NodeJS libraries
/InstallDir/openssl Directory for OpenSSL files
/InstallDir/tulind Directory for Gunbot NodeJS TA library (Tulip Indicators)