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Configuration de Gunbot

  • Enter your API key(s) and secret(s) into the "config.js" file, by using a text editor (e.g. notepad)
	"exchanges": {
		"bittrex": {
			"masterkey": "REQUIRED",
			"mastersecret": "REQUIRED",
			"key": "REQUIRED",
			"secret": "REQUIRED"

Licence de Zeno GUI

Managing your license is made easy by the Assistant (, use it to complete following steps:

Configuration de Zeno GUI

  • Start Zeno GUI and wait for it to load
    • If it fails to start correctly, follow any given instructions
    • Error messages are saved into "zeno-log.txt", you can find them there
  • Navigate to the address mentioned by Zeno GUI using your browser
    • If your system allows it, a new browser window will be opened automatically
  • Complete the SSL configuration, then save it and restart Zeno GUI
    • If you've enabled SSL, make sure to switch from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Configure your exchanges and their API secrets, then restart Zeno GUI
  • Your Zeno GUI should now be configured and ready to go, visit the elements page to get started

Robot Telegram (optionnel)

Si vous souhaitez utiliser Zeno GUI avec un robot personnel Telegram, suivez les instructions Telegram bot setup.