Setup Telegram Bot

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Create Telegram bot

  • Open Telegram and go to @BotFather (
  • Press Assistant start button.png or enter /start
  • Enter /newbot
  • Enter a name for your bot
  • Enter a username for your bot
    • It will show you a link to your bot and an HTTP API token

Verify token

  • Open the options of Zeno GUI
  • Press:
    Options telegrambot.png
  • Enter your HTTP API token
  • Press:
    Telegrambot verify.png
    • Once verified, the list of authorized users will appear

Telegrambot config.png

Authorize user

  • Press:
    Telegrambot adduser.png
    • You're given a code
  • Use the link to go to your bot
  • Enter the code
    • If adding a user doesn't work, make sure to configure a username in Telegram settings
    • Your Telegram nickname should now be in the list of authorized users
  • Press:
    Telegrambot save.png
    • You can now interact with your Telegram bot