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Gunbot configuration

  • Enter your API key(s) and secret(s) into the "config.js" file, by using a text editor (e.g. notepad)
	"exchanges": {
		"bittrex": {
			"masterkey": "REQUIRED",
			"mastersecret": "REQUIRED",
			"key": "REQUIRED",
			"secret": "REQUIRED"

Zeno GUI license

Managing your license is made easy by the Assistant (, use it to complete following steps:

Zeno GUI configuration

  • Start Zeno GUI and wait for it to load
    • If it fails to start correctly, follow any given instructions
    • Error messages are saved into "zeno-log.txt", you can find them there
  • Navigate to the address mentioned by Zeno GUI using your browser
    • If your system allows it, a new browser window will be opened automatically
  • Complete the SSL configuration, then save it and restart Zeno GUI
    • If you've enabled SSL, make sure to switch from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Configure your exchanges and their API secrets, then restart Zeno GUI
  • Your Zeno GUI should now be configured and ready to go, visit the elements page to get started

Telegram bot (optional)

If you want to use Zeno GUI with a personal telegram bot, follow the Telegram bot setup.