Pair Configuration

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Pair Configuration

Use this screen to easily edit the configuration of your pairs. Pair configuration.png


Selecting a group will assign this pair to a group. If you do, the strategy and the group overrides will update accordingly. This also means that any changes you make and save, will be applied to all other pairs assigned to this group. To learn more, visit the group configuration page.


This dropdown determines the strategy of the bot for this particular pair (or group, depending on your configuration). By default, the bot will use the properties of this strategy defined in the strategy options. You can override any of these properties using the overrides below. The "Copy to override" button will pre-fill the currently selected override tab with the default properties of the strategy.


There are three different override levels available to you: pair, group and instance. They are prioritized from high to low priority, in the order mentioned before. This means that whenever the same override property is defined on multiple levels, the value of the highest level will be used in the final overrides. You can verify this using the preview tab. Note that the "2. Group" and "3. Instance" override levels will only be available if you've assigned a group and/or an instance.