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The pair chart shows the date and price of the specific pair. Green and red dots mark the bot's buys and sales. Green and red lines mark the bot's buy and sell targets. Green for buy and red for sell applies to both the dots and lines. The upper and bottom blue lines mark the Bollinger bands.

Pair chart.png

Chart options.png Chart options

The grey gear opens the chart options menu. Here you can edit a variety of general options and timezones.


The general chart options tab allows you to edit the follow settings:

  • Show trades

Show or hide green and red dots.

  • Show buy / sell targets

Show or hide green and red lines.

  • Show Bollinger bands

Show or hide the Bollinger bands.

  • Set SMA / SD

Set the SMA / SD used in the Bollinger bands calculation.

  • Get from config

Automatically loads SMAPERIOD / STDV from your current pair strategy.


The chart timezones tab allows you to edit OHLC offset and Trades offset timing per exchange, if for any reason the candle sticks or trade dots shouldn't match the time frame.

Chart tv.png TradingView chart

Clicking the Tradingview button switches between the Tradingview and normal chart on the current pair.

Chart timeframes

The chart timeframe buttons allows you to edit the candle stick period of the chart. Changing the timeframe will alter the chart. Shift+click a button to change the timeframe for all pairs on the same exchange. Exchanges can use different timeframes.

Chart timeframes.png