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This function allows you to search trough all your pairs. It's also able to search per exchange. Using a comma allows you to search for multiple pairs / exchanges at once (e.g. "BTC, ETH" will show you all your pairs using BTC and ETH; "Bittrex, Poloniex" will show you all your pairs on Bittrex and Poloniex).

Sorting / Filtering

Sorting filtering.png

Use this panel to adjust the ordering and visibility of your pairs. There are a couple of options available to you:

Sorting filtering filter.png
The filter button allows you to filter per property. Let's take "Enabled" for example. If you turn it green, only enabled pairs will be shown. If you turn it red, only disabled pairs will be shown. Black stands for no filter.

Sorting filtering sort.png
This button toggles between ascending and descending sort per property.

Sorting filtering order.png
Press and hold this button to drag a property to a higher or lower priority.

Grid Options

Grid options.png
  • Minimum size
  • Enables you to adjust the size of your pair bars.
  • Panel height
  • Drag the slide to adjust the height of your pair windows.
  • Animations
  • Toggle animations on or off.
  • Pairs / page
  • Set the amount of pairs shown per page.