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The Zeno GUI Assistant can be found on Telegram ( It eases the process of managing licenses and purchasing Zeno GUI. This includes:

  • Request trial license
  • API key editing
  • License information and file download
  • Purchase management
  • Software download link

Initial license

When you interact with Zeno GUI Assistant for the first time, it gives you the option to either request a trial license key, or enter an existing license key you've aquired elsewhere. Completing either option will connect your license key to your Telegram account. Once this is done the Assistant will be able to identify your account and you will be able to start using it.

To request a trial license key:

  • Press: Assistant start button.png or enter /start
  • Press:
    Assitant trial key.png
  • Press:
    Assistant proceed.png

To enter an existing license key:

  • Press: Assistant start button.png or enter /start
  • Press:
    Assistant enter key.png
  • Enter your license key

API keys

The Assistant allows you to change your API key(s) at any given time. After changing Zeno GUI version or changing an API key, it's important to re-download your license file.

Edit API keys

  • Press:
    Assistant apikeys.png
  • Press:
    Assistant editkey.png
  • Enter your API key
    • The Assistant will try to automatically detect your exchange, however in some cases it may ask to specify your exchange

Show API keys

  • Press:
    Assistant showkeys.png


By pressing "License info" the Assistant will show your license key and the type of license your account holds. It also shows the end date for a trial license, should you own one.

Download license file

The "Download license file" button enables you to choose and download your license file for the specific Zeno GUI version you are using. If you're using multiple API keys for the same exchange, the Assistant will ask you which API key it should configure into your license file.

  • Press:
    Assistant license download.png
  • Select and press your desired version:
    Assistant versions.png
  • Save the zeno-license.file into your installation directory
    • If you wish, verify the location of the file here


Choosing the "Manage purchases" button provides you with an overview of Zeno GUI's license offers and your purchase history. By selecting an offer, the Assistant will give you an overview of your order. Once you confirm, a BTC address will be generated. The Assistant will monitor this address and once the amount has been paid in full, it will notify you.

Placing an order

  • Press:
    Assistant purchases.png
  • Select and press:
    Assistant multiaccount.png
  • Press:
    Assistant purchases confirm.png
    • A BTC Address will be generated and shown (this may take a moment)
  • Transfer the amount (make sure to include fees, e.g. from exchanges)
    • Once the full amount has been received, the Assistant will notify you

Multiple account-license

Once you complete the initial license step, the acquired key is your license key for Zeno GUI. It can be upgraded to use multipe unique API keys for any exchange, these will be considered your accounts. You can edit your API keys and switch exchanges, at any moment using the Assistant.

Purchase history

  • Press:
    Assistant purchases info.png

Zeno GUI

The "Download Zeno" button will provide you with the latest version number plus a download link on Github.