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Enable 2FA

Here you can enable two-factor authentication. Make sure you have a TOTP authentication application to verify your setup.
Examples of such application:

Authy (https://authy.com/)
Google Authenticator (download it from the App Store or Google Play Store)
To enable two-factor authentication:

  • Press:

2fa enable.png

  • Scan the QR code shown in the screen
    • The authentication application will provide you with a secret a key
  • Enter the secret key:

2fa token.png

  • Press:

2fa verify.png

  • The button will turn green if the secret code matches:

2fa verifygreen.png

  • Press:

2fa safe.png

  • Restart Zeno GUI
  • Refresh the page in your browser
    • The two-factor authentication login screen appears
  • Enter the secret key given by your authentication application:

2fa login.png

Disable 2FA

This option will only become available if you first enabled two-factor authentication.

  • Press:

Zeno options gear.png

  • Press:

2fa disable.png

  • Restart Zeno GUI